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Here are some ways to help young children heal after a crisis from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network: https://t.co/SqwSEIoeSP

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Learn “What Can We do About Toxic Stress” from Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University: https://t.co/hSsqrjNqsc

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The PATH to Trauma Therapy brochure is a resource that describes the process of screening, assessing, and properly… https://t.co/CF9pRkNcHJ

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No Time. No Hassle. Chair Yoga. https://t.co/AVBzokkZ1c

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Here are several resources for supporting children’s emotional well-being during the pandemic: https://t.co/l2U7HCirVA

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Here are tips for keeping our families rooted in safety and growing in connection during the pandemic: https://t.co/agZoVnopVd

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Check out our latest Bite-Sized Briefing with resources to help parents deal with stresses during the pandemic: https://t.co/nJzyMNrMb9

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Looking for ideas to help a child understand the why’s and when’s of mask-wearing? Read this Zero to Three article,… https://t.co/Qt3iwJ75oc

Tentative 2022 Plenary Speakers:

Dworkin profile photo
Paul Dworkin, M.D. Executive vice president for community child health, Connecticut Children's medical center Plenary
Walter Gilliam profile photo
Walter Gilliam, Ph.D. Director, Edward zigler center in child development and social policy Plenary
Sonia Manzano Profile photo
Sonia Manzano actor, author, speaker, "maria" on sesame street Closing Plenary



The Nebraska Young Child Institute (NYCI) brings together a multidisciplinary collaboration of professionals to deeply assess and respond to our communities' most pressing needs. Connect on issues to improve the outcomes of young children and their families.    



The NYCI is intended for those wanting to improve the well-being of Nebraska's youngest, such as: judges, county attorneys, caseworkers, parents attorneys, guardians ad litem, CASAs, EDN providers, Head Start personnel, school representatives, early childhood educators, home visitors, medical/health and mental health professionals, service providers, and family members.



  • Expand Your Professional Network

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  • Choose from Six Breakout Sessions and Tracks

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